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Happy New Year from the Field Team!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year as 2016 approaches this evening. Be safe and looking forward to another fun time fishing in 2016! To close out 2015, we posted our iFishRadio Happy New Year’s Eve Broadcast.  From one of our Readers, it was suggested we use YouTube as well as the PodCast format when we broadcast. Made sense to us, so both formats are available below:

Out and About at Bethany with the Two Weight

Stopped by Bethany Lakes yesterday to check out things. Water level is up from the recent rains. Looked like the trout bite was slow; did see some folks fishing but no hook ups while we were there. Tried different spots to see if anything would take our fishing fly. Been liking the Two Weight Fly Rod we picked up from Cabelas the other day but only been able to fish with it once since getting it. As it turned out, this round the fly rod worked out well on the little Bluegill lurking near a culvert. Water was crystal clear! Ended up catching 10 or so Bluegill and one little Bass this round. Fun stuff!

Magazine in the Works....

Although we must keep our day jobs, we have been working on a magazine – “Stocker Trout Fishing”. We have had several starts and stops and made content changes here and there. We did finalize the cover and the content and are now working on completing it so we can make it available to our Readers. Here is a picture of the final cover. Will post an announcement once it is completed.

iFishRadio - Field Team Updates

Rain and more rain has the Field Team indoors. No worries, let’s provide a few updates from this past week via our partners at iFishRadio!

New Two Weight, Went Fishing...

Rain today, so took a break from Trout fishing and went shopping at Cabelas with our Gift Cards. Picked up a 2-Wt Fiberglass Fly Rod and a 2/3 Weight Echo Ion Fly Reel! Rain stopped briefly. so went Micro Fishing at Celebration Park’s North Pond. Caught Sunfish and Bluegill using a GRHEN and a Rainbow Warrior. Lots of fun on the ultralight fly rod. Been some time since we last fished with a fiberglass rod, but “like riding a bicycle” quickly got the feel for the rod, Fun stuff! Bream Getter Cabela's Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod Rooster Tail Inline Spinners Mepps Trout Kit

Merry Christmas!

From the Field Team to our Readers, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! It has been a great year for the Team, we hope our Readers have enjoyed the same in 2015! As today is the day before Christmas, what better way to celebrate the Holidays then to go fishing! That said, we went fishing! NucLaroche arrived yesterday from Oklahoma. And, Fshng84 is always ready to go fishing. So, after work, the Team headed to Waterloo in Denison. We are still working on the video and will post it later… till then here is a picture of today’s catch and a brief message from the Field Team posted in the embedded player below! Update 12/25/25: Merry Christmas everyone! Here is the video of the action at Waterloo. We used a Five Weight Fly Rod and a Kiyotaki 18 Tanago Rod. Lots of fun catching them on the fly! Although most of the fish were caught with the Five Weight Fly Rod, we did get one Trout and two Bluegill using the Kiyotaki 18!    

Only One This Time....

Short on time this morning. Got a round in though at Bethany Lakes. Saw a few folks hooking up with Trout; however, for this fisherman, it was three strikes of which two were missed, and one that did not… only one Rainbow Trout this time!

A Bass at Bethany, then Trout at Waterloo

Fished Bethany Lakes this morning in hopes of Trout. Much warmer day and was anticipating some good action. However, that was not the case. Ended up catching a Bass on an Olive Near Deere. Did have on Trout take a COAF Griffith’s Gnat but just could not set the hook in time. Having struck out on Trout and in need of a Trout Fishing “fix”, decided to head to Denison and fish Waterloo for Trout. Took a fishing buddy and in short order we limited out! One limit using Silver or Gold Super Dupers. Other limit using an Olive Near Deere! Not a bad day especially on a warm December day!

Three This Round....

Fished the morning from 8AM to 10AM at the Bethany. Lost two on a Gold Super Duper, caught one on a Silver Super Duper, and two on a Gold Super Duper. No luck fly fishing and the bite seemed to slow around 9:00AM or so. Will post a video later. For now, here is a picture of one caught on a Gold Super Duper! Will work on another remote iFishRadio Broadcast, too! UPDATE 9PM Central: Today’s video is posted!  

Only Four This Round...

Fished Bethany Lakes this morning. Tough go but did manage to catch a few; would have limited out but held out on keeping the last one in hopes of ending with a bigger one to make a limit. Turned out should have kept one more to make the five fish limit instead of releasing it. Oh well. Till next round! No time to work on the video but will get it posted as soon as able. For now, will embed the iFishRadio player and when we get a chance, will provide a broadcast that details more on today’s fishing at Bethany! The player should update with the next broadcast wherever we are at! UPDATE 8:30PM Central: Broadcast is posted! Working on the video. More to come! UPDATE 11:30PM Central: Video of this morning’s fishing action is posted!

Bethany Lakes Trout Stocking Today....

Schedule shows Bethany Lakes gets stocked today. Will stop by this morning and maybe give it a go! Also, will try to post a live Broadcast from iFishRadio. Let’s see if this app works!   UPDATE 4PM Central: We were able to get great video of the Trout release, and limited out as well! Working on the video edits; will post later tonight! UPDATE 11PM Central: Still working on the fishing video of today’s round. But, we did finish the stocking video. Do check it out! UPDATE 1:30AM Central: Fishing video of today’s round is posted! We managed to limit out using Silver Dupers in both the 501 and 502 models. Had issues with a a few snags and trees that resulted in break-offs. Ended up losing the 501s; put the 502 model on and was still able to hookup. Also, saw others using the Silver Super Dupers, White Rooster Tails, and Kastmasters!

How Do We Clean and Cook Trout?

Question from one of our Readers asking, “How do we clean and cook trout?” In answer to the question, we provide a summary of the different ways we clean and cook trout! Depending on the size of the trout, we clean and cook them as follows: Stocker size trout (9″-13″ in size) : We cut their heads or remove the gills (“gilling”), and then we remove the guts. Not sure why we opt to cut the head off versus “gilling” them; just seems to go one way or the other from trip to trip. When cooking the Stockers, we season them with salt and pepper (sometimes add Season Salt), and then pan fry them in oil for about 5-8 minutes each side. For larger trout in the 14″ – 18″ range: We clean them like the Stockers but will split the fish (butterfly). We then cook them on a cedar plank (see Grilled Plank Trout Recipe ). For trout going 19″+ in size: We gill them and remove the guts, leaving the head in place. Then, we stuff with lemon slices, onions, butter, and sprinkle Rosemary in the body cavity. Nex

Re-Stocked the Tackle Box....

Tackle Box is filled! Stopped by Cabelas after work today to re-stock the tackle box with ultralight lures that we like to use when fishing for Rainbow Trout – specifically, Kastmasters, Roostertails, and Super Dupers. Did not have all the sizes and colors we were looking for but did have the key ones we like to have at the ready when fishing a recently stocked pond! PS: Audio starts after about 15 seconds. Working on getting it corrected on YouTube, still processing as of 8:50 PM Central, 12/15/15.    

How Do We Fish a Super Duper?

We hosted a Q&A Session this evening and as luck would have it, we get a question after we end the show. We only have 30″ to host a live broadcast, but regardless, we will still answer questions offline! The question posed this round asked, “How do we fish a Super Duper?” As a “picture is worth a thousand words”, we looked at past videos and found three videos that show how we fish a Super Duper! Hope they help!   The first video shows us using a Stop and Go Retrieve. The next video shows us using a Steady Retrieve. The last video shows us using a variation of the Stop and Go Retrieve which is more like a Cast and Flutter Retrieve. Super Duper Lures

iFishRadio Q&A Beta Test on Spreaker - Revisited!

We continue to work through issues with the Spreaker’s Chat feature and the connectivity of iFishRadio. We believe we have identified a workaround for taking questions from Listeners and resolved the connectivity issue. We have embedded an audio player in this post which will allow you to listen to our broadcast from our website. If you have a question, please submit a comment using the Comments box of this post. Although the site is moderated, we will receive the comment and be able answer your question while on the air! For planning purposes, we would like to re-start the beta test at 10PM Central! Thanks again for your patience!  

iFishRadio Q&A Beta Test on Spreaker

Update: Thanks for joining us today. Appreciate everyone bearing with us; good to know that the Chat feature requires additional steps for Listeners to chat with us. Going forward, we will plan to find other means for Listeners to send in their questions! Looks like the test failed. We were disconnected at some point and did not find out until after the show! The Team is regrouping; thanks for your patience! Yesterday we tried interacting with our Readers using YouTube’s Live Stream feature. unfortunately, we had issues with our internet connection that precluded us from hosting a Q&A session. Today, we would like to invite our Readers to join us at iFishRadio for a beta test of a Question and Answer (Q&A) Session where we make use of Spreaker’s Chat function available only on live broadcasts. For planning purposes, we plan to host a live broadcast on iFishRadio at 8PM Central today. We are aware this is short notice and fully understand if Readers cannot make today’s Q&A

Field Team's 2015 Fish of Interest

Looking over the year in review, 2015 has been a good year for the COAF Field Team. Of note are six fish of interest that were caught. Below are the videos we posted on YouTube of the fishing trips that resulted in a fish of interest! Do check them out as well as the iFishRadio Broadcast that talks of the Field Team’s Fish of Interest! Back in May  Fshng84 caught a three foot alligator gar while kayak fishing on Lake Texoma. Although foul hooked while trolling for Striped Bass, it still gave a good fight and was subsequently released to grow bigger! Then, in July, NucLaroche and Fshng84 caught a 33″ Catfish using juglines on Lake Lavon’s Bratonia Park. That same month, the Team headed to the coast and fished the Galveston Fishing Pier and the 61st Street Fishing Pier (also in Galveston). While fishing the 61st Street Fishing Pier, Fshng84 caught a 27-1/4″ Blacktip Shark! In October, on two consecutive trips to Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma, the Team was able to bring in a 20″ Rai

Website Updates... iFishRadio on Spreaker!

Burning the late night hours this evening, but finally broke away from the “day job”.  Still winding down so rather than going to bed, decided to make a few updates on our website. In particular is the re-launch of our online radio station at iFishRadio ! Previously, we used several media platforms to expand our ability to communicate with our Readers. Media platforms such as Podcasting using embedded players, an online radio station hosted on BlogTalkRadio, and more recently YouTube’s Live Streaming (currently in beta test). Yesterday, we re-launched our online radio station iFishRadio hosted on Spreaker! We are learning how to use the broadcast console but have been pleased with the features offered – specifically, Live Broadcasting with Chat capability Mobile Broadcasting allowing on the site reports Archiving and sharing functions Embedded Media Players Do stop by at iFishRadio periodically to listen to the latest broadcast!

Olive Near Deere Worked....

Was able to find a break in the day for a quick trip to Sonic Pond. Tied several Olive Near Deere to re-stock the fly box; took one on this quick trip for a go at some Bass. Fished for about 30″ and caught and released three Bass. Good to see the Olive Near Deere worked! Really missing the Blue River to fish a few of these Near Deere! PS: Do check out our online radio station at iFishRadio !

Updates from Australia... Trout Fishing Report!

Weekend outlook has the Field Team in limbo; rain is in the forecast so we may shift to other fishing related things like tying more fishing flies. We lost a number of fishing flies on our last fishing trip courtesy of the trees and some of the trout at Turner Falls! Regardless of the weather in our area, it looks like others are catching Trout to include our friend Steve in Australia! Here is his latest fishing report and pictures! I went fishing last Friday. Drove up to Marysville and fished the lake until it got light. Not much activity and only got a few plucks and following trout using two North Country Spiders ( Snipe and Purple and a Partridge and Orange ). Walked up the nearby Stevenson River and caught and released a small wild rainbow trout on the Snipe and Purple. After breakfast at the local bakery, I  drove to the nearby Acheron River where I picked up a nice wild Brown trout  about 10 inches on a floating Basin Hopper. Next , I drove to Warburton via the Acheron Way which

COAF Field Team Live Stream - YouTube Beta Test

The Team’s attempt to test YouTube’s Live Streaming feature for interacting with our Readers! This round, if all goes well, we would like to detail our Blog Post titled, “Fly Line – Leader – Tippet Ring Connections….”    

iFishRadio Podcast: December 8, 2015

Implementing a Podcast feature to our online radio station – iFishRadio.Today’s Podcast talks about: What’s been working for the Team – Near Deere and Tandem Rigs Recap Oklahoma Trout Fishing Trips Facebook – COAF Field Team Fishing Log 2015-2016 TPWD Texas Trout Stocking Schedule Echo Ion Fly Reel Do check it out when you get a chance!

Recap Our Trout Fishing Trips to Oklahoma...

Below is a video that recaps our trout fishing trips to Oklahoma starting with the trip in August to Beavers Bend State Park and ending with the trip to Turner Falls Park this past Saturday. Hope it is of interest to some of our Readers!

Turner Falls Fishing....!

Decided to fish Turner Falls Park Saturday. It was a toss up between the Blue River, Turner Falls Park, and the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. As we headed out early Saturday morning, made the decision to head to Oklahoma, so Athens was out. Then, while coming up on Highway 82 in Sherman, decided on Turner Falls instead of the Blue River. Made it to the Park around 8AM. Discovered the Main Entrance was closed due to ongoing construction. Sign at the Main Entrance directed us to enter using the Exit Gate. After paying for the Trout Fishing Permit that included the Park Entrance Fee, headed to the area where the Gate Attendant told us to go. We learned the area stocked with Trout was above the Waterfall instead of below it like last year as the Waterfall and a portion downriver from it is closed due to construction. The area above the Waterfall had lots of trees and brush that made it tough to fly fish at times, but there were open areas and breaks between trees that allowe

Turner Falls, Blue River....

Weekend is looking nice but have a dilemma; can only fish one day of the weekend. Looks like the Blue River is clearing up and the Trout will likely be biting! But, Turner Falls is stocked too. Called the Park and they confirmed they have Trout. They mentioned that they stocked an area near the main campground instead of the Falls due to ongoing construction. Not sure where that area is but the Trout will likely be biting there as well. Finally, been itching to fish the Trout stocked at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas.  They stocked Trout there as well! Choices, choices, choices…. and only one day to make it happen!  

Fly Line - Leader - Tippet Ring Connections....

We are in the process of migrating posts to an easier to access format. This post as been migrated to Fishing Hacks . Do check it out!

No Fishing... Music Break.

Back to the daily grind with our day jobs. So no fishing. Did take a music break and posted songs that we like… no particular theme. Just if it sounded good, we posted it. May need to keep adding to the collection as new and old songs come to our ears! Follow COAF Field Team’s board Music We Like…! on Pinterest.

Quick Trip Finally...

Been stuck indoors since it started raining on us last Wednesday. Finally, got a break in the weather and was able to make a quick trip to Bethany Lakes. Winter pattern of slower presentations was what worked. Managed a Sunfish, two little Bluegill, and then a Catfish that went about 18″ in size. Used a Pink Near Deere and fished it 3.5 feet below and indicator. Took several tries to get the Catfish but did get it to take on the third try! Fun stuff!    

More Rain... Another Paracord Fishing Lanyard

Brutal… rain since Wednesday; still no fishing. Rain delay continues. Had to do something fishing related, so made another Paracord Fishing Lanyard. This one is for Summer Quick Trips that clips on to your belt loop. Only need it and a fly rod/reel and we are ready to go! Used material already on hand except for the paracord fid. Made it from an aluminum binding screw post; even got to use the lathe to turn the point on it! Always good to turn metal on a lathe! To make the fly box holder, we needed a paracord fid to work the line in/out of the loops. Sure made a rainy day a little more bearable!

Rain Delay... Fishing Lanyard, Anyone?

Rain has the Team indoors. Hate it when it rains when you are off work. Worse yet is the forecast is anticipating more rain into the weekend. For now, been watching TV and thinking about fishing related things like making a Paracord Fishing Lanyard. Looked easy enough, had the material on hand already, and did not take long to make. Hope to use it soon!

Cannot Catch Them All....

Short on time so went for a quick trip to Sonic Pond. Man… what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, could not keep the fish off of our fishing fly. Today, could not get them to bite! Luckily, did get one to finally take the Pink Near Deere. It was a little Bass that at least saved us from striking out. Windy conditions and a chill in the air. Bummer to hear the rain is in the forecast these next few days. Really wanted to fish the Blue River again for more Trout. Oh well, cannot catch them all!

To The Blue River This Afternoon

Made it to the Blue River Tuesday afternoon! Had a great time; limited out with six Rainbow Trout. Caught and released a lot more! Used a Five Weight Fly Rod and fished a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and trailed either a GRHEN or a Rainbow Warrior. Started fishing the area by the Island. Caught four fish there – three fish went for a Brown Near Deere and one went for the GRHEN. Bite slowed by the Island, so headed downstream and fished the pockets and runs. Lost count of how many we caught and released. Did notice that roughly half the trout went for an Olive Near Deere and the other half went for a Rainbow Warrior. Did see a number of trout including a Bruiser lurking in the pockets but most were not interested in our fishing fly. Did manage to get one to take a Pink Near Deere as well as one that went for a Black Jig Fly that we picked up at Scotty’s. Ended the day at Hughes Crossing, catching a number of Trout on an Olive Near Deere and a Pink Near Deere. Fun time… even left them biting

2015-2016 TPWD Trout Stocking Schedule - Sorted by Date

Another exercise in spreadsheet sorting… We did this last year, and it helped us get a feel for when places were getting stocked by date. This time, we sorted by Date, City, and then Stocking Location. Also, we added the County and Number of Stockings for a given Stocking Location and further divided the Planned Season Total by the Number of Stockings to estimate how many Trout are being stocked for a given date and place. We saved the spreadsheet but we were not able to upload it. We were able to convert it to a .pdf file and post it –  2015-2016 TPWD Trout Stocking Schedule – Sorted by Date . The info is based on the schedule post by Texas Parks and Wildlife dated 11/23/2015. For reference, here is how Collin County looks after sorting. We will need to watch for any changes in dates as Towne Lake and Murphy City Hall are stocked on the same date. PS: Should be able to save the .pdf file and then convert it to a spreadsheet to allow sorting and filtering as desired.

Bethany Lakes with the Four Weight this Round

Yesterday we fished Sonic Pond with the four weight rod. Today, we fished Bethany Lakes with the four weight. Colder temps has the Winter Pattern in play; managed to catch a few using the same slow and steady retrieve that worked at Sonic Pond. Olive and Pink Near Deere continued to work as well; could not tell which was the preferred color as we lost the Olive one to a snag soon after catching the first fish. No more Olive in the fly box, so we went with Pink. Looked like the fish did not mind the color change!

Sonic with the Four Weight this Round!

Went for a quick trip to the pond by Sonic yesterday. Had about an hour and a half to fish but did manage to catch and release sixteen Bass, a Bluegill, and a Crappie! All went for a Near Deere in pink or olive. Also, started out with a short pull and fast retrieve that worked well in the daylight. Later, switched to a steady and slow retrieve as it got darker. Seemed to work in the low light conditions. When using the steady and slow retrieve, had to pay close attention to any change in the line, setting the hook at the slightest hesitation and/or twitch! Fun stuff!

Another Go at Medicine Park in Oklahoma

  View Downriver from the Gondola Dam Had planned on fishing Medicine Park Saturday and then possibly the Blue River or Denison Dam Sunday. As it turned out, was not able to fish Sunday. Still had a great time Saturday catching a few fish. Saturday was tough with 35+ mph wind and a drop in temps as a cold front rolled through. Luckily, was able to hook a several Trout that went for a Silver Kastmaster! Went for a Silver Kastmaster! Had tried a Copper Super Duper but lost it to a snag. Then, hooked up with a Silver Kastmaster but lost it to another snag. No more silver ones, so tied on a Gold Kastmaster and caught a Trout and some White Bass! Fun time despite the tough conditions!     PS: Did have a bite at the Old Plantation Restaurant – Chicken Fried Steaks were tasty! Will definitely be back for another bite when in the area! May even try another dish!

Illinois River in Oklahoma Trout Stockings....!

Good to know, it looks like the Illinois River in Oklahoma is resuming Trout Stockings this week (week of November 16). Just saw this on the Oklahoma Trout Stocking Schedule posted by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

TPWD 2015-2016 Trout Stocking Schedule is Posted!

Collin County Trout Stockings Texas Parks and Wildlife has posted the 2015-2016 Trout Stocking Schedule ! Looks like Collin County is getting four stockings. Hope to see some of our Readers out there this Season! PS: Schedule sorted by date as of TPWD’s post on 11/23/2015 for reference – Sorted by Date For action from past years, do checkout our Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing Board on Pinterset! Also, added a Google Map that shows the Trout Stockings in Collin County for Readers’ reference. Follow COAF Field Team’s board Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing on Pinterest. Collin County Trout Stockings

Weekend is Here... No Solid Plans

Sunset at Celebration Park The weekend is here and a quick glance at the current temperatures shows a chilly 45 degrees Fahrenheit. No solid plans for fishing yet as the Team has non-fishing things to take care of before wetting a line can happen. No worries though as we will have a fly rod ready to go if the chance to fish does come up! We do note the Trout Fishing Derby at Oklahoma’s Blue River starts today. Hope to see a few Bruisers show on the Leader Board. Each year the Trout Stocking gets a supplemental stocking of some nice size Rainbow Trout to make things interesting! Also, reports from the Texas Fishing Forum show the bite is on at Beaver Bend – see  TFF’s TarponFly Guide Report . Things may get crowded as there is a festival happening in the area this weekend, so plan accordingly. For the Team the Blue River and Beavers Bend will have to wait until another weekend. To the fishermen participating in the Trout Derby, the Team wishes you all the best, and we hope you hook one

Sonic with the Eight Weight....

 Made it out this evening to try the new Eight Weight Fly Rod. Picked up a new one at Cabelas to replace the one we broke on a trip back from the Blue River. Had not been able to fish with it until now. Rod feels good, makes great casts including the Roll Cast, and balances well with the Echo Ion Fly Reel! As for the Bass this round, had one go for a Pink Near Deere, had several more strikes on it but then lost the fishing fly to a snag. Switched to an Orange Near Deere and ended up catching seven Bass on it. Fun stuff, great deal on a great rod!

Oklahoma Trout Stocking Areas

Received a Google Earth Map from Nuclaroche that shows placeholders for Trout Stocking Areas in Oklahoma. The letter in parenthesis indicate: (D) – Stocking begins in December (Y) – Stocking year round (S) – Stocking is suspended (at least for now) (P) – Private Stocking (not part of ODWC Stocking Program) No letter – Stocking begins in November May be of interest to Readers in Oklahoma which will soon include Nuclaroche… congrats on the new job! Oklahoma Trout Stocking Areas

New Fly Rod to Replace the Broken One!

Broke an Eight Weight Fly Rod yesterday; closed a car door on it. Intended to use it to target the Striped Bass at Denison Dam. Even put a new Fly Reel on it (the Echo Ion Fly Reel mentioned in an earlier post). Made a stop at Cabelas in Allen this afternoon to look for a replacement. Wanted a fast action rod with some backbone. Had narrowed it down to two rods. The Fly Shop Associate suggested another rod that was perfect except it was about $50 more than planned. As it turned out, it was actually discounted. Was able to buy it well below the budgeted price! Back in business… hope to catch a Bruiser with it!  

Back on the Blue For Rainbow Trout

Made it to the Blue River Saturday for a chance at Rainbow Trout Fishing. Forgot to bring the chest strap for the GoPro. After some mods, was able to get some action shots. Fun day…. limited out, too! Used a Tandem Rig Near Deere and Rainbow Warrior like the one we used at Beavers Bend. It was 50/50 with the Trout going for one fishing fly over the other. After limiting out, did some catch and release fishing. Had fun working the pools that held Trout. Did use an Eight Weight and the new Echo Ion Fly Reel. Plan was to use it for Stripers when we decided to stop a Denison Dam while coming back from the Blue River. It worked really well especially when the wind picked up, but ended up breaking the rod while on the way back home. Stopped at McDonalds for some coffee, one of the sections fell out while getting out of the car, sure enough closed the door without realizing the section fell out. Oh well, good excuse to get another fly rod!

Craft Fur Clouser Minnows

Still not sure what the weekend plans are for fishing, but just in case, tied more Clouser Minnows like the one we used last Sunday at Denison Dam. Will plan to post an update regardless where we go. Good luck and good fishing to our Readers; hope you get a Bruiser or two! Clouser Minnows were tied with Chartreuse Craft Fur, White Craft Fur, and Pearl Flashabou, Size 2/0 Gamakatsu Wide Gap Saltwater Hook, and Small Red Dumbbell Eyes using Red Dacron 70 Thread. Craft Fur Clouser Minnows

Echo Ion Fly Reel 6/7 Weight....

While picking up some fly tying material at Cabelas this evening, noticed the Echo Ion Fly Reel in the 6/7 Weight model was on sale for $55. Been keeping an eye out for a sale on the reel; wanted to mount it on an 8 Weight Fly Rod that has been gathering dust in the corner. Could not pass up the deal,… next step, go fishing! Echo Ion Fly Reel (6/7 WT)

Denison Dam for Fly Fishing Fun!

Planned to fish the Blue River for Rainbow Trout today but heard the recent rains muddied the river. Was still wavering yesterday on where to fish, so just in case decided to tie some Clouser Minnows to go along with the Near Deere, GRHENs, and Rainbow Warriors. Good thing we had the Clouser Minnows! Ended up catching several Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, and even a Catfish. Had some “technical difficulties” with the camera but did manage to get video of the action to include a 29″ and 22.5″ Striped Bass. Ended the day with four Striped Bass on the stringer! Would have kept going for a limit but ran out of Clouser Minnows. Had tied five last night. Lost one to a Bruiser that struck the fishing fly and ran for the rocks. Could not turn it with the 5 Weight… lost another Clouser after fouling with someone’s old fishing line; remainder were lost to rocks. Luckily, did pick up some “new tackle” from the rocks, too! Overall, had a great time out there on the Red River! Four Striped Bass… P

Update from Australia!

Received an update from Steve in Australia. He was able to catch a nice looking Brown Trout from an undisclosed location. Below is a picture of the Trout! Nice…!

Blue River is Stocked!

Looks like the Blue River in Oklahoma is stocked with Trout. Hope to make a run across the border for some Trout Fishing some time this weekend! Fun stuff!

Bite Was Good at Sonic This Evening... More Crappie!

Had a great time at Sonic Pond this evening again. Caught more Bass, a Sunfish, and more Crappie including a nice size one! All went for a Pink Near Deere and most were caught after dark, too! The big Crappie was easily over 12″ in size, likely closer to 14″+. Not bad for a community pond! Glad to see the Pink Near Deere was producing well after sunset. Slowed the retrieve and payed close attention to any hint of a strike – hesitation in the line, slight twitch and/or tug on the line! Was going to fish a little longer but the little fishing fly really took a beating this round… had lost one to a snag earlier and then the line snapped on the last fish caught. Opted to head for home instead of fumble with tying a knot in the dark. Fun stuff… and some good practice for the Blue River Rainbow Trout; hope to make it there sometime this weekend if work does not get in the way!

Back to Sonic Pond

Decided to give “Sonic Pond” another go. Glad we did. Caught more Bass, a couple of Bluegill, a Sunfish, and two Crappie. One Crappie was bigger than the one we caught yesterday. The other was slightly smaller that yesterday’s Crappie. Lots of fun, did miss several Bass and another Crappie that came off while landing it. Still was a lot of fun for the short amount of time we had – less than an hour to fish… all went for the Pink Near Deere, hoping the fishing fly does well on the Rainbow Trout to be stocked in the Blue River soon!

Pink Near Deere Keeps Working!

Decided to give the pond by Sonic (aka Sonic Pond) a try this evening. Short on time with about an hour to fish, was hoping to hook maybe one or two fish. As it turned out, the bite was good with the Pink Near Deere doing well. Glad to see the fishing fly keeps working! Caught Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish using a fast retrieve. Noticed the fish were chasing baitfish in the shallows, so “matching the hatch” went with casts paralleling the shoreline and simulated a frantic baitfish running away. Lots of fun, even saw a nice size Koi that ignored us and also caught and released a nice size Crappie – easily over 10″ in size!     Bream Getter Cabela's Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod Rooster Tail Inline Spinners Mepps Trout Kit

Bethany "Flats" for a Quick Trip

Decided to fish Bethany Lakes again today after work. Only had about an hour but it was enough to catch a few Bass and Bluegill from the flooded area of the Horseshoe Pond. Calling it the “flats” since the water is less than a foot deep and the Bass cruise the area in search of a bite like the Redfish do in the Laguna Madre! All went for a Pink Near Deere. Ran out of them yesterday but luckily the pattern is an easy one. Now have two – one on the fly rod and another in the fly box. Still plan to tie more in preparation for a trip to the Blue River in Oklahoma for Rainbow Trout! Bream Getter Cabela's Fiberglass CGR Fly Rod Rooster Tail Inline Spinners Mepps Trout Kit