Micro Fishing...

Closed out today fishing at Bethany this evening. Brought the Four Weight in hopes of catching Bass on dry flies. When the weather warms, there is a hatch that occurs in the evening at Bethany Lakes.

Once the hatch starts, Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish start feeding on the “bugs”. Cannot tell what they are but have found the Griffith’s Gnat or better yet our version of it – Griffith’s Gnat on a Caddis Hook, does a god job simulating the bugs. Go with a Size 14 and Size 16.

This evening no hatch occurred; will need to check back this next week and look out for the hatch! Since the hatch was not happening, decided to do some Micro Fishing.

Using Size 20 and Size 22 Midges, caught a number of Bluegill and Sunfish. All were smaller than the fly reel! No new species to report. Will keep an eye out for other little fish as the Spring nears!


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