Kayak Fishing Lake Texoma This Round

After a delayed start Saturday morning – still had work things to resolve, we headed out for Texoma. Since Cabelas was on the way, we re-newed our Lake Texoma fishing licenses and picked up a new PFD for Nuclaroche. Good deal on the life jackets that were on sale – 30% off the ticketed price!

As we headed up 75 North, we debated about where to “put in” the kayaks, but after a short pros/cons discussion we decided on Highport Marina just North of Pottsboro. The rocky shoreline near the Marina has been a consistent producer for us and the Islands where we had great action last year are readily accessible from the Marina.

When we arrived at Highport Marina, we heard music in the background coming from the Island Restaurant; it looked like a special event (maybe a boat show) was ongoing.

After paying the boat ramp fee (it’s still $5.00!), we launched our kayaks and headed to the rocky shoreline. While passing the breakwater, we did see a school of “something” breaking the water’s surface. Could not identify the fish but it was a promising sign.

Once at the rocky shoreline, we immediately noticed a good number of Buffalo, Gar, and a smattering of Catfish lurking near the shoreline. The Gar in particular were shallow; the spawn was in full swing and “romance” was in the air! We could see their backs out of the water and splashing about in inches of water.

As we trolled the area, I used a tandem-rigged Blue/White Clouser Minnow trailed by a Blue/White Jig and Pearl Fluke. Nuclaroche used a Black and Chrome Rat-L-Trap.

After about 15″ of trolling, I had two hard strikes and misses before a third strike produced a Striped Bass. It went for a Blue/White Jig and Pearl Fluke Rig. Going with what worked, Nuclaroche switched to a Blue/White Jig and Pearl Fluke Rig and soon hooked a nice looking White Bass.

We kept working the rocky shoreline but after 30″ without another bite we paddled to the Islands. We should have stayed put as we fished the Islands for over an hour without a strike. At least we got a workout in!

Making the crossing back to the rocky shoreline, we began trolling like before. I switched to a generic Rat-L-Trap (from Academy Sports) and Nuclaroche stayed with the Blue/White Jig and Pearl Fluke. In short order, I foul hooked a Gar that went about 3.5 feet in size. It put up a great fight; even turned the kayak and towed it a little.

Nuclaroche caught two Striped Bass while I was busy with the Gar, and later I was able to get a Catfish to take the Rat-L-Trap. Else, we missed a lot more as well as snagged the bottom a lot (luckily, we only lost three lures to snags).

Overall, it was a slow day compared to other times we fished Texoma. But, it’s still early in the Season!

PS: Do check out our article – “Kayak Fishing on Lake Texoma – Suggested Places to Put-In on the Texas Side”.


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