Lot's of Fun Fishing the Galveston This Past Weekend!

The Team had a great time in Galveston fishing the two piers – Galveston Fishing Pier and the 61st Street Fishing Pier, over the weekend. Had been to both piers in the past. Originally, planned to fish only one but then we learned the T-Head at the Galveston Fishing Pier opened earlier this year.

First night we fished the Galveston Fishing Pier Friday evening from 9PM to 5AM Saturday morning. Bite was mainly Gafftopsail, Hardheads, Croaker, and Whiting for us. Did learn that others were catching Black Drum, Speckle Trout, and small Sharks.

Then, we hopped up the road to the 61st Street Fishing Pier and fished from 8:30AM to 3PM Saturday. During that time, we caught more Gafftopsail, Hardheads, Croaker, and Whiting. Saw lots of Mullet schooling and saw the occasional Shark take a bite of one. Others hooked into a Bonnethead Shark and Blacktip Shark, and then we caught a Blacktip Shark, too!

Things slowed down afterwards, so we took a break, then headed back to the 61st Street Fishing Pier and fished from 9PM Saturday to 2AM Sunday. More Gafftopsail, Hardheads, and a Croaker or two. Did see a Bonnethead Shark caught and released, and one fisherman was doing well with Live Shrimp for Speckle Trout under the lights.

Overall, was a great time to get away and go Saltwater Fishing!

Pier Passes for Galveston Fishing Pier and 61st Fishing Pier
Bonnethead from the 61st Fishing Pier


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