Fished the Lower Mountain Fork River at Beavers Bend State Park

Decided to make the run across the border to Oklahoma for a go at the Trout at Beavers Bend State Park. Started out fishing with a Near Deere and Bead Head GRHEN in the Blue Zone. Had two look but turn away from the rig. Worked several pools with several more “turn aways”.

Then, fished the Red Zone area of the Cold Hole and sight casted to the Trout lurking in the area. More “turn aways”, so began switching patterns… various nymphs without success, several dry flies when some fish began hitting on something floating by, and then started hooking up using the Y2K Egg Pattern we picked up last year at Beavers Bend Fly Shop.

Y2K drifted wet was getting strikes as well as a Y2K and BH White Midge Tandem Rig. Ran out of Y2K and White Midges, rocky bottom sure does like them.

Went with another Egg Pattern that was not weighted. Had to use split shot to get it to bounce along properly. This worked well for the remainder of the fish caught in the Cold Hole. No Keepers all were definitely less than the 20″ minimum; largest went 15″ but was a nice football shape.

Headed downstream to explore the new Bluff and Evening Hole areas. While getting ready to cross into the Evening Hole area from the Bluffs, saw a Trout rise from a pool and swim into the shallows like it was chasing something… taking it for a sign (more like Bill Engvall’s “here’s your sign”), began fishing the pool.

After several casts, noticed the Egg Pattern was not sinking fast enough even with the split shot that worked in the Cold Hole. On a whim, tied on a Near Deere for weight, then the Egg Pattern as a trailer. Casted into the pool and let the current bounce it along the bottom… soon enough had a nice one – a 20″ Keeper Rainbow Trout!

Fun stuff… so fun, decided to dunk the GoPro into the pool to see what else was lurking in there. Interesting to see how close the Trout can be lurking to shore!

PS: Stopped by Beavers Bend Fly Shop to stock up on more Y2Ks. Only two in the bin; not sure when they will get more… looks like they are backordered. Bought the last two; may have to try tying the pattern myself.

White River Fly Shop Assortment


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