Report from Australia... Another fishing trip to Marysville/Narbethong

Here is the latest from Steve in Australia. Nice looking Brown Trout caught on the fly!

Last Friday morning I took another trip up to the Marysville/Narbethong area. I first fished the little lake at Narbethong in the pre-dawn with a Crystal Clear float and Black Woolly Worm. No takers but saw a few fish moving in the shallows.

After an hour I drove to Marysville and fished the same outfit until it got light. Caught and released 3 small rainbow trout. The stocked trout have been all small pan sized fish over the last few stockings. One time some decent fish around a pound or so were stocked.

When it got light I rigged up my 3/4wt 6’6″ fly rod with a Black Woolly Worm and waded up the Stevenson River, which flows near the lake. The stream was quite low and clear. I caught and released a nice little wild brown trout about 9″ long.

I waded up as far as the stream vegetation would allow but didn’t interest any more fish. It was the end of the school holidays and the stream may have been thrashed, making any fish a little skittish. I ended up back at Marysville Lake a little before midday.

By this time there were quite a few families fishing, although I didn’t see any fish being caught. The baits they were using included worms, corn and Powerbait. A few people were casting lures but, again, not hooking up. Not as productive a day as some others for me but still an enjoyable time.


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