iFishRadio Q&A Beta Test on Spreaker

Update: Thanks for joining us today. Appreciate everyone bearing with us; good to know that the Chat feature requires additional steps for Listeners to chat with us. Going forward, we will plan to find other means for Listeners to send in their questions! Looks like the test failed. We were disconnected at some point and did not find out until after the show! The Team is regrouping; thanks for your patience!

Yesterday we tried interacting with our Readers using YouTube’s Live Stream feature. unfortunately, we had issues with our internet connection that precluded us from hosting a Q&A session.

Today, we would like to invite our Readers to join us at iFishRadio for a beta test of a Question and Answer (Q&A) Session where we make use of Spreaker’s Chat function available only on live broadcasts.

For planning purposes, we plan to host a live broadcast on iFishRadio at 8PM Central today. We are aware this is short notice and fully understand if Readers cannot make today’s Q&A Session. We will plan to host more in the near future.

For today’s Q&A Session, we can focus on the upcoming trout stockings in our area, and we would like to field questions that relate to fishing for stocked trout. We may not have all the answers but are certainly welcome to provide information based on what we have learned while fishing for stocked trout in the Lone Star State!

Appreciate your support, and for those that can join, see ya’ll at 8PM Central!

PS: We are limited to a 30″ Live Broadcast.










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