Turner Falls Fishing....!

Decided to fish Turner Falls Park Saturday. It was a toss up between the Blue River, Turner Falls Park, and the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens.

As we headed out early Saturday morning, made the decision to head to Oklahoma, so Athens was out. Then, while coming up on Highway 82 in Sherman, decided on Turner Falls instead of the Blue River.

Made it to the Park around 8AM. Discovered the Main Entrance was closed due to ongoing construction. Sign at the Main Entrance directed us to enter using the Exit Gate.

After paying for the Trout Fishing Permit that included the Park Entrance Fee, headed to the area where the Gate Attendant told us to go. We learned the area stocked with Trout was above the Waterfall instead of below it like last year as the Waterfall and a portion downriver from it is closed due to construction.

The area above the Waterfall had lots of trees and brush that made it tough to fly fish at times, but there were open areas and breaks between trees that allowed for an unobstructed back cast. However, be prepared to use a Roll Cast when fly fishing.

For more details on where we fished Saturday, do check out the COAF Field Team’s Fishing Log Video.

Overall, it was a great day of fishing; saw a few campers and hikers, else no one else was fishing at least in the are where we fished! Limited out with five Rainbow Trout. Largest went 15″ in length but did lose several larger Trout – either breaking off or throwing the hook.

For more on Saturday’s action, do checkout our YouTube video posted below!









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