Updates from Australia... Trout Fishing Report!

Weekend outlook has the Field Team in limbo; rain is in the forecast so we may shift to other fishing related things like tying more fishing flies. We lost a number of fishing flies on our last fishing trip courtesy of the trees and some of the trout at Turner Falls!

Regardless of the weather in our area, it looks like others are catching Trout to include our friend Steve in Australia! Here is his latest fishing report and pictures!

I went fishing last Friday. Drove up to Marysville and fished the lake until it got light. Not much activity and only got a few plucks and following trout using two North Country Spiders ( Snipe and Purple and a Partridge and Orange ). Walked up the nearby Stevenson River and caught and released a small wild rainbow trout on the Snipe and Purple. After breakfast at the local bakery, I  drove to the nearby Acheron River where I picked up a nice wild Brown trout  about 10 inches on a floating Basin Hopper. Next , I drove to Warburton via the Acheron Way which follows that river part of the way. Nice looking spots near the road but I was limited by not having waders. Fished the Yarra River at Warburton and caught another wild brown trout about 11 inches on a Black Woolly Worm. The Yarra River is around 50 metres across there and it was a change from the small creeks that I normally fish around Healesville. I can see myself fishing the Yarra River more often in the future.

Great report and pictures; really liking the breakfast from the local bakery, too!



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