First Time Fishing Possum Kingdom

Decided to go west to Possum Kingdom instead of north to the Blue River this morning to go fishing. Weather forecast noted rain/snow in Oklahoma as well as Denison, so even Waterloo Park Pond was sketchy.

Possum Kingdom was questionable with a 40% chance of rain, but luckily the forecast seemed to show less a chance of rain by Saturday morning.

Never fished the area before but heard the river by the Highway 16 Bridge was recently stocked with Rainbow Trout. Moreover, the tailrace was looking good for a chance at some Striped Bass.

But, Murphy’s Law struck… about halfway to Possum Kingdom, realized the fly box with the Clouser Minnows was left behind! No worries, would concentrate on trout fishing instead.

Managed to limit out with five Rainbow Trout. All went for an Olive Near Deere. Also, caught two Striped Bass that went for a Near Deere as well. And, caught several Perch that looked like Longear; one went for a Near Deere, remainder went for a Rainbow Warrior.

Key today was the retrieve. Have caught trout before when swinging a fishing fly in fast current with most strikes happening at the end of the swing. Have not used a “twitching” movement as the fishing fly works its way downstream. But, whatever works!

Overall, had a great time fishing a new place. Just got to remember to bring Clouser Minnows next time. PS: Below is today’s video; include footage to show the “twitching” movement that was key for us today.


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