Made It to the Blue!

Was able to make a run across the border to Oklahoma’s Blue River. Frozen rod guides, frozen reel at one point, still a great time. Limited out with six Rainbow Trout!

First trout went for an Olive Near Deere, next one went for a Pink Near Deere, then had about fifteen others looked then turned away or I missed the hook set before losing the pink fishing fly to a snag.

Switched to a brown, olive, and then orange/white Near Deere without luck. Then, tried various fishing flies before trying a White Near Deere. Good thing, started hooking up again and limited out with the four that liked the White Near Deere.

After a short break, went back to do some C&R fishing and to get more video. Sure enough, something changed. After losing one that threw the hook, a hatch started and trout started feeding on something that was emerging.

Last time this happened, it was several years ago when I used every fishing fly in the fly box without hooking up. Later, learned about the Black Midge and the Black Midge Hatch that occurs when the temps rise above freezing, triggering a hatch of really, really, really tiny midges… size 22-26!

This round, tied on a Tandem Rigged Griffith’s Gnat lead fly and Black Midge trailing fly and started working the hatch. After several misses, was able to get one to take and stay on long enough to get video. Prefer to fish the tiny Black Midge under a dry fly serving as an indicator… plus, sometimes the trout prefer the dry fly!

Overall, had a great time “working hard” to get a limit on the fly!



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