Murphy for Trout This Round

Checked out the derby hosted by the city of Murphy this morning. Saw lots of kids catching fish; us grownups had to wait till after the derby to fish.

Warm weather was nice allowing for short sleeves and shorts. But, it looked like the Trout were having issues as a number of them were floating upside down and were dead or dying.

Also, noticed schools of Trout cruising parallel to the shoreline and largely ignoring lures and baits.

Last time we saw them acting like this, it was two years ago at Frisco Commons Pond. The weather was cold and the Trout seemed disoriented and cruising in schools parallel to the shoreline as well.

We were able to get them to strike by working a fishing fly parallel to the shore. Although a school would ignore the fishing fly, every so often one would breakaway and chase and strike the fishing fly. Same held true today at Murphy! This round the Trout went for the Mardi Gras Near Deere. Caught two and lost one. Then, the bite slowed.

Started switching fishing flies and caught several little Bluegill using a Patriot and Rainbow Warrior Tandem Rig. Changed to other fishing flies until finally getting strikes on the Olive Near Deere. Used a “high-stick” retrieve and a “swing of the rod” retrieve giving it a twitch every so often.

Also, caught several that went for a Patriot, a GRHEN, and a Griffith’s Gnat fished dry as well as wet! Overall, a fun day fishing on a “don’t need a coat” February day!


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