Granger San Gabriel/Willis Creek - White Bass

Looks like the bite is happening for someone!

fishytx: Re: Granger San Gabriel/Willis Creek
Fished from 6 to 9 and had a blast I caught 33 in all. How in the world these fish can see a 1/32 oz. jig at night just blows me away, but they do. But any how, out of that 33 I caught I probably only had like 15 keepers. As it got dark the bite picked up, then it went dead for a little while. I stayed at it and the bite got going good again with bigger fish. Caught some 13 and 14 inch fish tonight, which I think is good for this area. There was quite a bit of spawning activity going on after the sun went down as well. My bigger fish were caught real close to the shore line as they were feeding on river minnows that like to get in the shallow water at night. But I didn't keep any of my fish, I hate hauling a string around. I was working a 75 yard stretch of bank back and forth, but it was well worth the effort that I put in. The rain has raised the water flow just a tad, but it didn't murk up the water at all. That extra flow is what made these fish feed a little better. I would like to see it come up another six inches myself, that would be great. Oh well, the flip of the coin I spoke of was in my favor this time. Oh and I saw some good stringers hauled out by others. Saw a bunch of anglers catching fish while I was there. The fish were moving around pretty good today, lots of activity.

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