Hungry Inner City Bass

Bass looking good in the city today!
Lovfldx: Re: Hungry Inner City Bass
Back to the creek today, wind so high, Bachman lake proper was basically unfishable from shore. Creek with steep high banks, fairly calm.

Mixed bag today: Green Sunfish, bluegills, longear sunfish, crappie, warmouth, and yes, spotted and largemouth bass. They did not want the rooster tail at all today. The front made them lethargic, so they wanted something slow. Nothing much slower than a tube jig under a bobber. Two hot colors today were red/chartreuse, and white with silver metal flake, on UNPAINTED jig heads of course. 1/32nd. oz. jig heads. Fished 12-15 inches under the bobber. Did not get pics of the greenies or the bluegills, but the two greenies were 8 inches long, and several of the bluegills were 7-8 inches long each.

Spotted bass:


These are just some of the fish caught, all told, counting all species, i caught about 50. For the first hour could not buy a bite, then around 4 pm, they just got plugged into the light socket and went beserk, biting the jig EVERY cast! They went on a feeding on plastic frenzy! It was insane, and loads of fun. Walked the creek from bridge to bridge(harry Hines to Denton Dr.) and every hole where i could not see the bottom held fish. I came across a large sow bass, 6 lbs or bigger, that was hugging the bank, and staring at me. She would completely ignore everything i tempted her with. Only one thing on her mind and that was putting those eggs on a bed.

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