PK stockers

Sounds like Trout are still a possibility at Possum Kingdom for some….
FWBanger: PK stockers
There's still a few stocked trout below the PK dam but you have to work for them. I started out just below the dam this morning and managed a few small stripers/sunfish in the big pool. I moved down a ways and caught a nice sized trout on a BWO. I then moved a little further down and managed two more smaller trout both on BWOs but I had to work for them. I bet it took me 2 hours and changing flies 5 times to catch those last two trout. They were rising I just couldn't quite get them to bite. I moved back up stream and threw an olive wooly booger and managed a 14" striper. It didn't seem to fight very hard as it didn't break my 4lb test line. I threw that same fly right back in and a much bigger striper broke me off. I tied another fly directly to my 8lb leader and an even bigger striper immediately broke it off. I tied another fly directly to my leader and of course the striper had moved on. I saw a few more trout in the water as I went to retrieve a snagged fly but none of them were interested in anything else I threw. I moved back to the first pool and threw a few more times with no luck. This may have been due to the two guys bow fishing along the bank. The day started off a bit cool at 33 degrees but warmed up nicely. All in all it was a good day.


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