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Great report on lures for community lakes in our area!

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06/17/16 | 09:54 PM McKinneyLonghorn: Re: Community Lakes
Seems like this post was popular the last two years, so here is my third annual Collin County pond fishing report. As I have said before, I am a pretty big geek who loves spreadsheets and keeping records of things. I keep track of all the fish I catch, so as I did the last two years, I thought I would share my year in bass fishing, covering June 15, 2015 to June 14, 2016. For reference, here are the two previous reports. 2014 2015

This year was once again heavy on the wakebaits. It is not like I don't throw anything else, it is just with the heavy vegetation at many ponds, wakebaits are seemingly the perfect lure. I throw plenty of soft plastics, they just often don't get hit as often as the surface lures.

Bass caught: 138
Top lure styles: Wakebait – 69 bass; Soft Plastics – 31 bass; Jitterbugs – 18 bass
Top lures: H2O XPRESS Chartreuse Shad Wakebait – 27 bass; Arbogast Black Jointed Jitterbug – 18 bass; H2O XPRESS Blue/Chartreuse Wakebait – 18 bass;
Top Soft Plastics: 7-inch Blue Fleck Berkley Power Worm – 6 bass; 7-inch Tequila Sunrise Berkley Power Worm – 6 bass; 4-inch Watermelon Red Yamamoto Senko – 4 bass
Top colors: Chartreuse/Firetiger - 54 bass; Black, Black/Blue, Black/Orange - 24 bass; Watermelon/Green Pumpkin - 15 bass
Top Ponds: Bethany Lakes Main Pond – 46 bass; Bethany Ridge – 45 bass
Different ponds bass were caught in: 13 (plus one bass caught in the marsh at Delacroix, Louisiana)
Time of day: Morning - 17%; Afternoon – 7%; Evening/Night - 76%
Top days: June 15 - 12 bass at the Bethany Lakes Upper Pond and Main Pond; May 12 – 10 bass at Bethany Ridge; March 17– 8 fish at Bethany Lakes (all four ponds)
Top months: March – 28 bass; May - 27 bass; October – 20 bass; June 15-30, 2015 – 20 bass
First bass: June 15, 2015 on a H2O XPRESS Chartreuse Shad Wakebait
Last bass: June 14, 2016 on a Humdinger Chartreuse/White/Blue spinnerbait
Biggest bass: 3-5, McKinney Towne Lake on a Black Cavitron Buzzbait; 2-8, Bethany Ridge on a 7-inch Red Shad Berkley Power Worm
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