FW: Nice One... First Double Digit Bass! Joe Pool Lake

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YakAnglerTTU: First Double Digit Bass! Joe Pool Lake

Hey guys! I had one heck of a day on the water today. I went out to Joe Pool and was fishing a secondary point...I was deep cranking in about 15ft or so, catching some nice 17" bass. And then....BOOM. My drag started screaming, and honestly, i thought i hooked a huge catfish. At first, I couldn't budge the fish at all...but once i worked her to the top, and saw what i had i couldn't believe it. I don't consider myself a great bass fisherman, heck I'm average at best. But i watch a ton of kayaking videos like Chad Hoover, Robert Field, and others, and have learned a lot just listening to their tips. This is one of those times that practice pays off and I'm so excited to part of the DD club bannana2

On a side note, i turtled my kayak for the first time today, lost some gear but i was prepared. I think thats huge when you do what we do. I made a noob mistake trying to free one of my crankbaits from a submerged log. But...ill take the good with the bad! Lol.

She weight 10.6 lbs, and was 25" in length! There was a bass boat that was kind enough to weigh my fish, and take some pictures. And another kind bass boat to help grab some gear when i turtled, big thanks to those guys!!




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