Question on Fly Line and Use

Question that originated the fly fishing line discussion…

MUHerd: Question on Fly Line and Use

Hey all,

I've never used a fly rod before but am looking to start. I am not 100% clear on what all goes on your reel.

OK, first goes the BACKING. Then comes the actual highly visible FLY LINE. Is the next thing that comes the LEADER and then a TIPPET? Do you tie your fly to the TIPPET?

Please put those components in the right order for me.

OK...can you just tie a perfection loop in some mono and attach it to the fly line and tie the fly to it? Do you have to have a tippet? As I have learned pretty rapidly, everything to do with FLY FISHING is expensive. If you have to buy a leader and then buy a tippet and when you break off a fly you have to use a new tippet. Or, if you want to change flies, you have to cut and re-tie which means a few of those and you have to use a new tippet.

Are there ways to make your own leaders?
Do you have to use a tippet and if so, can you make those as well?

Please set me straight on this stuff as I need to learn it now before it's too late.


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