One Keeper Today at Clear Lake Park...!

Caught several White Bass today off the point by the Island at Clear Lake Park (Lake Lavon). Others were doing well casting; opted to troll for them in hopes of a underwater shot of a fish striking the lure. Still editing today’s video but we may have gotten the strike this round! Of the White Bass caught this round, only one was a Keeper. No worries… good workout in and still got to go fishing!

Here is the video of yesterday action, and below it are pictures from today. Will get a video of today’s action posted as soon as we can… stay tuned!


One keeper, off the point by the island, tan is maintaining! #kayakfishing #lakelavon #whitebass

A photo posted by COAF Field Team ( on

Upper left cntrclockwise. Fish reacting to lure trolled through school. #kayakfishing #waterwolfhd

A photo posted by COAF Field Team ( on


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