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robert hunter: Strippers on a rampage today!

Let me tell you wading was a great deal mor difficult with a generator running today. But the water is very clear so was able to safely navigate through it to one of my favorite positions. I added a third split shot and actually started out with the eight today which I have not taken recently. Shortly into the outing I caught a split shot right at the tip very easy fix but end of the day for the eight. So it was back to the old trusty four lol. I still had a size 6 on it and immediately went to pounding the Sandbass every cast. But seeing as I had been on a fairly consistent striper action I put three big split shot on and a size 2 clouser and I started chunking and ducking haha. I managed 25 to 30 striper today a lot of them very good size my go pro battery was dying so left the camera off and would have to turn it on get off a video to camera to take pics had several really good fish shake back off and go in before I could get a shot. I did get three or four around the 6 pound range but saw several fish that would be pushing 10 caught today and amazing evening on the water I offered going to several people but ended up on a solo mission. That first picture you can see how strait a decent striper will get a four weight and see the lack of people. That poor third fish is what happens when you just dropped a really good fish trying to get the camera going and the one you had in your hand now head stuck you with the gill plate three times already he got a little squished but he was fine lol. All in all an amazing evening on the water if you are not a very experienced wadder right now I would wait.





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