COAF Field Team Vlog #14 - "Fishing the Lower Mountain Fork Part 1"

Had a great time Saturday fishing the Lower Mountain Fork River at Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma!

Been a while since we last fished it. Luckily, found a break in the schedule and made the run north across the border!

Fished the Red Zone in the morning in hopes of a Bruiser, and then the Blue Zone in the afternoon to try for a limit. Of interest this round were:

  • The morning round resulted in no Bruisers but did see several nice ones lurking in places. None were interested in a fishing fly unfortunately including an Albino that looked about 18″ in length.
  • Had lots of fun catching, missing, and seeing trout in a couple of places in the Cold Hole. Water was clear and could easily see the fish with polarized glasses.
  • Trout seemed to like the Tandem Rigged Near Deere and trailing fly setup. More important, they tended to strike when the fly was moving fast either by a quick twitch of the rod or by swing the rod fast. The rapid, short pulls of the fly line did not get any strikes.
  • Used various fishing flies for the trailing fly but kept the Olive Near Deere as the lead fly. Of the trailing flies that produced a trout – Rainbow Warrior, GRHEN, Red Soft Hackle, and Y2K, the Y2K worked well in the Cold Hole and the GRHEN worked well in the afternoon on Spillway Creek.
  • Several spots held lots of trout; next time bring Water Wolf Camera to get underwater video of them!
  • Beavers Bend Fly Shop is on the opposite side of the street from where it was originally. It is on higher ground and is double in size from the original one. Great place with the same nice people managing the store! PS: They have Air-Lock Indicators too!

Below is the video of the morning’s action fishing the Red Zone. Will post the afternoon’s fishing in the Blue Zone in a separate post. Had to break-up the video in to two parts… stay tuned!

White River Fly Shop Assortment


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