Struck Out This Round.... #waterlooparkpond

Cold and breezy this morning; was itching to get a round of fishing in before the work week started. Made the run to Denison but struck out at Waterloo Park Pond. Had several light strikes and one hook up but ended up losing it soon after. No worries… still good to get outside and go fishing!

Log Book Entry: 1/29/17

  • Location: Waterloo Park Pond (Denison)
  • Time: 08:00 – 12:00
  • Weax: Clear, “Multi-Layers”, Breezy
  • Rod: Redington Classic Trout 5wt – 9′
  • Reel: Echo Ion 4/5 – 6wt Flyline



  • Cold morning with breezy conditions coming from the NNW. Did not see any risers like in other trips past.
  • Always a tough go after the first week of stocking the pond. In this case, this was the third week which means Salmon Eggs are preferred over fishing flies.
  • Did try a number of fishing flies of which the Tandem Rig Black Near Deere and trailing FB GRHEN in size 16 and the Tandem Rig Black Near Deere and a trailing Red San Juan Worm got hits… very light hits.
  • Next stocking is next weekend.. need to keep that in mind next round!


Landed: Zero

  • But, did have one trout on the line briefly – Tandem Rig Black Near Deere and FB GRHEN




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