COAF Field Team Vlog #33 - Frisco Commons for Trout This Round! #flyfishing

Fished Frisco Commons Pond in Frisco today; steady action on Near Deere. Was able to limit out on Trout. Even caught an albino and two Bass as well.

Lots of fun despite windy conditions and warm temps; enjoyed a little catch and release fishing while practicing casting in windy conditions.

Did see a number of fish taken with Silver Super Dupers, Kastmasters, and White Rooster Tails and the old standby Power Bait. Also, met a couple of Readers of our blog today; great to meet ya’ll and hoped the bite was on today for you

Log Book Entry: 2/11/17

  • Location: Bethany Lakes – Main Pond (Frisco)
  • Time: 12:00 – 14:00
  • Weax: Clear, “Short Sleeves”, Breezy
  • Rod: Redington Classic Trout 5wt – 9′
  • Reel: Echo Ion 4/5 – 6wt Flyline



  • Warm and windy and crowded but crowd was expected given the derby held that morning.
  • Opted to fish the “pier” area to keep the wind behind us and take advantage of it for casting purposes.
  • Trout were striking in a similar manner as at Waterloo in Denison when the temps were warm – 15 to 30 count delay followed by long pulls at 6 count intervals.
  • Trout were going for Near Deere in Olive, White, and Black. No takers on Pink, and did settle on Black the remainder of the trip.
  • Caught a couple of Bass and lost one Trout that went for a White Near Deere. Also, caught an Albino (also nicknamed Golden) Trout.
  • Others were doing well with Silver Super Dupers, Silver Kastmasters, and White Rooster Tails. Power Bait was doing well, too!



  • 2 Rainbow Trout – 10″-12″ – Olive Near Deere – Sz 10 in 1/124oz jig hook
  • 6 Rainbow Trout – 10-12″ – Black Neare Deere – Sz 10 in 1/124oz jig hook
  • 1 Albino Trout – 12″ – Black Neare Deere – Sz 10 in 1/124oz jig hook
  • 2 Largemouth Bass – 12″ – – Black Neare Deere – Sz 10 in 1/124oz jig hook




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