Saturday at Towne Lake for Trout! #flyfishing

Checked out the Trout Derby at Towne Lake in Mckinney Saturday! Lots of fun …trophies were presented, prizes were won, and trout were caught. 6,000 trout were released in the sectioned off area, so the chance at catching a trout were high after the derby. Managed to get a limit plus some catch and release fishing with the Switch Rod! Went back this morning, and limited out again. Will get a video posted at a later date. For now, do check out Saturday’s action at Towne Lake! PS: Howdy to Fred; was great meeting one of our Readers while out in the field!

Log Book Entry: 2/18/17

  • Location: Towne Lake (Mckinney)
  • Time: 12:00 – 16:00
  • Weax: Clear, short sleeve, breezy
  • Rod: Cabelas TLR Switch Rod 6wt – 11′
  • Reel: Lamson Liquid 4 – Rio Switch Chucker (#5 – 370gr) with Versitip Leader (Floating)


  • Checked the trout derby out but did not fish; opted to wait till later once the crowd cleared to allow room for casting the switch rod.
  • Previous years, trout tended to stay in the middle of the pond (smaller pond) and lurked too far for the traditional fly rod.
  • Fish were being caught and trout limits taken using a wide range of lures and baits. Did not seem to be a preference with on exception – Power Bait Trout Worms in Orange, Pink, or White seemed to be the “Go To” lure!
  • Around Noon, fished a Guadalupana and had several missed strikes; finally caught one by adding a strike indicator.
  • Later, removed the indicator while fishing the South bank of the pond. Used a delayed count to sink the fly, and then, used minimal movement to work the fly. Trout tended to strike lightly but did have strikes on a fast retrieve at one point.
  • Ended up losing the Guadalupanas to snags and break-offs; switched to an Olive Near Deere and caught one before calling it a trip!



  • 7 Rainbow Trout – 9″-12″ – Guadalupana – Sz 12
  • 1 Rainbow Trout – 10″ – Olive Near Deere – Sz 10 in 1/124oz




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