COAF Field Team Vlog #34 - PMC Emerger at Waterloo Rocked! #flyfishing

With the 2016-2017 Texas Rainbow Trout Stocking Season closing out in our area, decided to fish Waterloo Park Pond in Denison this morning. Bite was steady with a limit taken on PMC Emergers.

That said, next week is TRWD Flyfest in Fort Worth; we plan to join the fun, learn more about fly fishing things, and maybe catch a trout! Afterwards, the Team will shift to warm water fishing to include kayak fishing once things get warmer. Do check back periodically for the latest post!

Do checkout the video from today. It’s longer than our normal videos but we decided to leave some of the clips unedited as it gives Viewers an idea on the retrieves we used and the number of missed strikes we “enjoyed” today!

PS: Article on tying the PMC Emerger for anyone interested in tying their own!


Log Book Entry: 3/04/17

  • Location: Waterloo Park Pond (Denison)
  • Time: 08:00 – 09:30
  • Weax: Overcast, “Multi-Layered”, Breezy
  • Rod: Redington Classic Trout 5wt – 9′
  • Reel: Echo Ion 4/5 – 6wt Flyline



  • Trout were actively feeding on the surface. Decided to try the Dry Fly Hackle Guadalupana but switched to a PMC Emerger as the trout were not deep.
  • Past trips to Waterloo we noticed the trout would feed on hatching midges so the PMC Emerger and Griffith’s Gnat were the preferred fishing fly to use.
  • Although considered dry flies, we fished them wet allowing them to get waterlogged and sink slowly in the water.
  • Not too many fishing – father/son were doing well with bait and another fly fisherman was doing well using a Griffith’s Gnat! Another fly fisherman showed later but could not tell what he was using.
  • Retrieves varied with strikes using no retrieve, twitches, a slow drag, and short pulls!



  • 14 Rainbow Trout – 10″-12″ – PMC Emerger – Sz 14




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