TRWD Flyfest 2017! #TRWDflyfest

Had a blast at TRWD Flyfest 2017.  Not able to fish the trout contest but was able to fish and limit out at the open fishing area! Lots of lost and missed fish but did manage to get bit enough times to take five!

Fishing was rough for some in the first heat of the Big Trout Fishing Contest; did see at least three contestants hook and land trout. Largest went 21″ but there were larger ones lurking in the area.

Hope the event happens again next year! Will make an effort to keep the calendar open!

PS: Only one landed with the San Juan Worm Ball and Prince Nymph Tandem Rig. But, had a strike on every cast before running out of the fishing flies!

SaLog Book Entry: 3/11/17

  • Location: Trinity River – River Park Trailhead (Fort Worth)
  • Time: 12:30 – 14:30
  • Weax: Clear, “Short Sleeve”, Slight Breeze
  • Rod: Cabelas TLR Switch Rod 6wt – 11′
  • Reel: Lamson Liquid 4 – RIO Switch Chucker with Versitip (F)



  • Trout contest in the first heat has several trout caught near the waterfall and just downriver from it.
  • 21″ and 15″ were the sizes recorded by two Teams as the largest of each Team’s fish.
  • One Team only had the one trout; other Team had five trout. No others reported in Heat 1.
  • Later in the afternoon, Heat 1 remained in the lead but did not stay to see the final winner.
  • Also,did see one Palamino Trout lurking near the rocky steps area and about ten trout near a brush stickup and an undercut bank.
  • Did see one take a black midge on the surface; else, no other activity observed downriver waterfall area and upriver of the bridge boundary.
  • After Heat 1, decided to fish the Open Fish Area downriver and near the bridge boundary.Tandem-rigged San Juan Worm Ball and Prince Nymph (less the white biots) were getting strikes on every cast excluding the cast that tangled with the brush on the high bank behind us. This kept up until we ran out of them due to break offs!
  • Switched to a Near Guad and was able to maintain our mojo until the last trout to be caught to make a limit. Lost the Near Guad to a nice trout that broke the line.
  • Put on a Near Deere and had to twitch the fishing fly to illicit strikes; after two misses finally caught and landed trout #5!
  • This round used a strike indicator with the lead fly set 3′ below it and the trailing fly extending another 12″. When fishing one fly, 3′ below was used as well.



  • Rainbow Trout – 16″ – San Juan Worm Ball in sz 10) with a trailing Prince Nymph (without white biot) in sz 16.
  • Rainbow Trout – 16″ – Near Guad in sz 14.
  • Rainbow Trout – 15″ – Near Guad in sz 14.
  • Rainbow Trout (Palamino) – 15″ – Near Guad in sz 14.
  • Rainbow Trout – 15″ Near Deere – sz 10 – 1/80oz – gold



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