COAF Field Team Vlog #35 - Two Limits on the Lower Illinois River! #troutfishing

Made it back to the Lower Illinois River Saturday morning for another round with the trout. Managed to catch two using fishing flies, else it was chartreuse Power Bait Trout Worms. Two of us fished; two of us limited out! Great time on a really nice day. Glad to have spent it fishing for trout on a river! PS: Shout out to Donavan; best place to meet a Facebook friend for the first time – on a river fishing!



Log Book Entry: 4/01/17

  • Location: Lower Illinois River (Gore, OK)
  • Time: 09:30 – 14:00
  • Weax: Sunny, Long Sleeve but later Short Sleeve, Windy
  • Rod: Redington Classic Trout 5wt – 9′
  • Reel: Echo Ion 4/5 – 6wt Flyline


  • Trout were actively feeding but had a hard time catching them with fishing flies. Did get two to take a Near Guad. One struck while recasting it in a run downriver from the Waterfall. The other struck a Near Guad drifted in the fast water by the Waterfall; used a strike indicator and set it three feet from the fishing fly.
  • Fishing buddy limited out in short order after finding the pattern – Chartreuse Power Bait Trout Worm wacky rigged to a size 10 Salmon Egg Hook and a split shot set 1-1/2 foot from the hook.
  • I switched to a Trout Worm and ultralight gear to get Trout #3, then rigged the fly rod with a Trout Worm to get the remainder of my limit. Trout were striking the worm while it was moving on the retrieve.
  • Had an audience of two puppies that watched us as we fished. Looked like a Jack Russell Terrier and an Australian Shepherd.
  • Also, met Facebook friend Donavan for the first time. Enjoyed the stream side conversation!


  • 2 Rainbow Trout – 12″-13″ – Near Guad – Sz 10 on 1/80oz jig fly hook.
  • 4 Rainbow Trout – 12″-14″ – Power Bait Trout Worms – Chartreuse.
  • 6 Rainbow Trout – 12″-15″ – Power Bait Trout Worms – Chartreuse. (Fishing Buddy)

Bait of choice this round…

Power Bait Trout Worms


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