More Kayak Jug Fishing... Testing at Highland Park! #kayakfishing #jugfishing

Made a quick run to Highland Park this morning on Lake Lavon. Was hoping to catch a fish or two with the new jug lines, but ended up striking out. Did get a couple of hits but was not able to hook up. Was promising in that we saw one fisherman with a number of Catfish on his stringer. But, it looks like the “early bird” gets the worm; he had caught all his prior to 9AM.

No worries though, we were able to test the jug lines as well as a pvc rig we out together to mount a Versabrella Shade on one of the kayaks. Worked well! Going to play with the design more; thinking about adding a “Tee” connector to mount our a camera. Do stay tuned for an article on how we make the jug lines as well as the pvc rig for the Versabrella.

PS: Had a question concerning the color of jug lines we use. White is no longer a requirement in Texas per TPWD

Tagging and Marking Requirements
Must be used with a valid GEAR TAG (see Definitions) attached within 6 inches of the free-floating device; gear tag is valid for 10 days after the date set out and must include the number of the permit to sell nongame fish taken from fresh water, if applicable. Properly marked buoys or floats qualify as valid gear tags.
For non-commercial purposes, a jugline must be marked with a free-floating device of any color other than orange.
For commercial purposes, a jugline must be marked with an orange, free-floating device.


Today’s video of the kayak jug fishing “test” (or excuse to go fishing!):


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