Turtles Skilled at Stealing Your Bait! #waterwolfcamera #waterwolf

Fished the North Pond at Celebration this evening. Brought bread for bait and the Water Wolf Camera to capture the underwater action. Got a number of video clips; still putting the video together. But, did want to get this clip out… it shows one turtle skillfully stealing our bait without getting itself hooked!

Thought it was a fluke but, we saw several other turtles make the same move… position the baited hook in their mouth so the hook pulls free when they pull the line with their front leg.

Ended up striking out; had one Catfish on the line but our light wire hook was not enough to hold the Catfish.  Luckily we did get it on video. Will get it posted later… likely next week. Trying to hit Texoma tomorrow!


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