Limited Out On The Lower Illinois River!

Last weekend we made the run across the border from Texas to Oklahoma. Friday we hung out in Norman and had dinner at Torchy’s Tacos for tasty tacos and margaritas. Later, we stopped at the Guitar Center Store to checkout the ukuleles – big sale going on until 31 October on guitars and ukuleles. Always had a weakness for stringed “things” like fishing rods and reels, guitars and ukuleles, etc! Ended Friday, “chillin” on the sofa while watching several seasons of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in preparation for a round of fishing on the Lower Illinois River the next day.

Saturday morning we headed west from Oklahoma City to Gore, Oklahoma to fish the Lower Illinois River – specifically, the tail race section below Lake Tenkiller. It was a nice day with temps in the 50s to 60s; because we prefer to stay dry when the temps are below the 70s, we opted for waders instead wet wading like we do in the summer.

Overall, it was a nice day fishing the tail race. Made even better when we were able to fish the power plant area all day. In the past, around noon we were moving further downstream because the power plant would start generating power.

Two of us fished and limited out with six Rainbow Trout each. My fishing partner used a Bubble Fly Rig with the Ajusta Bubble; I opted for the Switch Rod with a cork strike indicator and a Near Deere. Hurt my wrist the week before; able to cast with the Switch Rod while injured… woohoo!

For the Bubble Fly Rig a dead drift seemed to be the ticket for trout; for the Near Deere, the “twitchy retrieve” worked on trout as well as a mixed bag of White Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, and Gaspergou.

Later that evening, we cooked the Rainbow Trout going with fillets baked with vegetables and potatoes. Another tasty meal for the Team, and then more “chillin” on the sofa watching Net Flicks movies.

Sunday was a laid back day of fly tying an brunch before having to hit the road back to Texas. Posted a quick tie Simple Midge Pattern that we learned from the Dallas Fly Fishers as part of their Tuesday Fly Tying Classes held at Cabelas in Allen, TX for the month of October.

For Brunch it was pan fried trout, more “chillin” on the couch, and then it was back on the road to Texas.

Fun stuff… do check back periodically. Trout Stocking Season is just around the corner in Texas, and it starts next week on the Blue River and other locations in Oklahoma. Hope to get a round of trout fishing at the Blue River and/or Medicine Park in November.



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