Fly Fishing Tips... How We Fish the Betts Bream Getter!

TBT time Friday evening fishing an old favorite of ours… the Betts Bream Getter. It’s the fishing fly we derived the Foam Spider pattern we tie.

This one we picked up at Cabelas but unfourtunately lost it to a snag. Will have to either buy another or tie one using the kit we bought last year from Waspi!

No worries though had a great time fishing it for Bass and Bluegill.

Key tips this round when fishing the Betts Bream Getter:
First, stand-off from the bank about 5 to 10 yards and work the area near the bank. Anticipate a strike. If none, then proceed closer and work the pond casting out as well as along the bank.

Second, wait to start the retrieve 5 to 10 counts, letting the fishing fly sit motionless. Oftentimes, a strike will happen.

Next, start the retrieve with short pulls on the fly line to create a stop and go motion. Do pause between pulls, and do watch for a fish trailing behind it.

If a fish is trailing but does not want to commit to striking, even when the fishing fly is paused… then, twitch the rod to move the fishing fly fast across the surface. This may be the trigger to get the fish to commit to the strike!

Also, if you notice the fish are being aggressive on the take, change the retrieve to long pulls and immediately start retrieving soon as the fishing fly lands on the water. Since the fish want movement, give them what they want!

Work the feeder creek as it enters a pond. Fish like to lurk in the current for a quick bite or two!

Adjust to where the fish may be bedding… especially, Bluegill! May need to cast to the middle of the pond!


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