How We Fished the Blue River Saturday... Limited Out! #flyfishing

Video of the action from Saturday morning, November 23, 2019 when we fished the Blue River in Oklahoma.

Temps were in the 30s and the action was slow but steady. Able to limit out fishing the channel and undercut by the “Island” using Tandem Rigged Fishing Flies and Mop Flies.

Tandem Rigged used was the Too Deere… Leading Near Deere with trailing John Deere to catch five trout.Then, fished a Mop Fly… no tandem rig, to catch and release several. Bite slowed, tried other fishing flies and got a strike or two.

Finally, caught and kept number six to make a limit using a Tandem Rig… Lead Mop Fly and trailing John Deere.Most trout went for the John Deere or the Mop Fly. Also, had a stretch of missed strikes… bummer. As well as no strikes… bite turned off for some reason.

Water was not as clear as last week but the fish were readily taking fishing flies.Also, after cleaning the fish noted a number of them had full bellies of Chartreuse PowerBait!

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