Fly Fishing for Trout with Near Deere, Color Matters...! #flyfishing #neardeere #giveaway

Made the run to Pottsboro Sunday for another round of fly fishing for trout. Started late in the day due to the rain in the morning. Colder and windier than it was on Friday. Luckily, the trout were active and we were able to limit out.

Since we knew the trout were there… decided to mix it up and fish different colored near deere – Olive, Pink, White… plus fished a Mop Fly, too.

After changing fishing flies and trying different retrieves, this trip we noted:
For fishing flies and color:

  1. The trout preferred Olive Near Deere over the other fishing flies.
  2. Mop Fly did get strikes but slowed when the trout wanted a “moving” fishing fly
  3. White Near Deere had a couple of strikes but not solid takes
  4. Pink Near Deere had a solid strikes but tended to get “bit” less frequently than the olive.

For retrieves,

  1. When the wind was blowing strong consistently causing the bigger wind waves, drifting the fishing fly under a strike indicator did well. No need to add action to the presentation, wind took care of it.
  2. When the wind slowed, short pulls of the line either with an indicator or without one, was preferred.
  3. As the bite slowed later in the evening, fishing with an indicator and waiting to start the retrieve after a 10 to 12 count pause, followed by “twitching” the rod tip once or twice and then pausing seemed trigger the trout.

Lesson-Learned: Color does matter and the pattern will change unexpectedly as conditions change throughout the day.

PS: Congrats to our Near Deere/Mop Fly Give Away Winner!


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