Pond Fishing with the Micro Fly Rod #microflyfishing #flyfishing

Sidetracked this past Sunday from fishing. Go figure – needed to fix a lawn sprinkler that broke, then had to fix two more that were leaking. Before starting this honey do, made a quick run to Lavon for a chance at White Bass on the point at Brockdale Park.

Maybe should have fixed the sprinklers first, ended up striking out at Lavon. No worries, though, was good to get a cast or two to start the day. Plus, excited about a recent purchase of an Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod and a Pfleuger President Spinning Reel. More to come on the purchase!

Luck would have it that I finished the honey do with lots of daylight to spare. Decided to flex the two piece micro fly rod and fish Celebration Park’s North Pond using a fresh tied Scud!

Had a blast catching sunfish and bluegill. The micro fly rod did well… forgot how fun it is!

PS: Long video… mentioned some adjustments made to the line strike indicator, diy leader/tipper setup, and added a demo snippet of the rod casting easily 12 yards despite the shortness of the rod… aka top two sections of a broken 8wt we repurposed as a micro fly rod!


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