Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | What Worked This Round - Power Worms Crankie, No Yankie!

Made the run to Pottsboro Lake in Grayson County Saturday morning for some Texas Rainbow Trout fishing. Recently stocked with trout, the Team brought fly fishing gear, ultralight spinning gear, and a GoFish Cam to fish the pond.

The morning started out with lots of surface activity similar to the trout feeding on a “bug hatch” at our local pond in Allen – Bethany Lakes. In short order, had strikes on the fly using the Generic Black Dry Fly Midge fished with a slow retrieve

Our fishing buddy was getting strikes on PowerBait but once he found the pattern – a Power Worm fished with a slow retrieve or a stop and go retrieve, he was able to limit out in short order.

Yours truly soon switched to a Power Worm but kept losing the trout when I would set the hook with the rod… I was yanking the worm out of the trout’s mouth.

Luckily, after several more misses, I started to hook-up consistently when I kept reeling or cranking the reel to set the hook. The lesson learned today was “crankie, no yankie” when fishing a Power Worm on a slow and/or stop and go retrieve.

A review of the GoFish Cam confirmed the trout wanted movement, else tended to ignore the bait/lure. Also, it showed trout can inhale and quickly spit out a lure without getting hooked.

Do check out the video and the underwater footage of Saturday morning’s trout fishing action at Pottsboro Lake in Pottsboro, Texas!


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