Kastking Zephyr | Checkout Our First Impression Fishing With the BFS Reel | Liking It!

Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel delivered yesterday. Was able to take it fishing to the local pond. After a few tweaks was able to cast a 1/16 oz Rooster Tail without issue, even caught a little Bass. Here’s to more fish caught using this BFS reel. More to come from an Average Joe’s perspective on BFS fishing!

PS: In keeping with our “Learn to fish by our trials and errors” motto, here are thoughts for this round.


  1. Adjust spool tension so the line does not overrun the spool when the lure hits the water.
  2. Adjust the magnetic brake to reduce a backlash and shift the casting release point left or right as desired.
  3. Windy conditions will impact the cast more than a standard bait casting reel. Be aware when casting into the wind and against the wind.
  4. Make adjustments as you change lures and when using lures that soak up water like a Rooster Tail, make them after they have soaked in water.
  5. Practice “training your thumb” but take it one step more. Do this for each lure you
    plan to use to get a feel for the casting stroke.
  6. Use 100 feet of line when first starting, it will make it easier to clear the eventual

Gotta keep fishing more but first impression from an Average Joe…

  • The Kastking Zephyr is a great starting point to learn BFS.
  • Other than tweaking the spool tension, adjusting the brake, and educating my thumb, I was able to cast a 1/16oz Rooster Tail and even caught a fish!
  • Worked right out of the box… not bad for LESS THAN $70!


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