Big One Went By... #flyfishing #fishing #trout

Keep the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center in Athens in mind for trout this season! 

There is an opportunity to catch trout each Season to include a Bruiser that lurks in the ponds.

Which pond does it lurk in? In this video snippet, the big one that went by was in the pond named "Zebco Pond".

PS: Do check out other trips to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center!

Places to Fish... Revisited Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center!

Answering the mail concerning questions about fishing at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, TX. We fished it a couple of weeks ago and limited out on Rainbow Trout.

Since then, had requests to provide more details on the specific places fished while we were there.

This video intends to provide details as well as a bonus at the end... do stay till the end and do like and subscribe if you like what we are doing.


Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | At the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

More Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing... made it to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens, TX for a go at the trout stocked recently! Was an interesting round; the trout wanted "green" fishing flies and lures fished fast.

Tried various fishing flies and different retrieves before settling on a short pull, steady retrieve.  Did miss a number of strikes as well as lost a few when they threw the barbless hook.

That said, did limit out plus has a great time exploring the Center. Do check out the video, and do stay till the end for the bonus.

PS: Was not certain if a fishing license was required. Later, confirmed with the TFFC that fishing is included in the price of admission... no fishing license needed! 


More Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing.... Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center Trout Fishing! #flyfishing

More Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing.... Made the run down the road to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens for a chance at trout. Cool place with several ponds to fish. We opted to fish the Casting Pond. Maybe next round we will give it a go at the other locations.

Bite started out good with several strikes on the Olive Near Deere; even landed a couple to put on the stringer. Then, things slowed as well as the are became clobbered with pine needles. Luckily, a slight wind clear the area later in the day, and the trout became more active, too.

In short order, we managed to put eight more on the stringer to make a total of ten! Two of us limited out; one of us had an issue with landing the trout once hooked. No worries though, was a great time to be out on a warm November day!

PS: No fishing license is required. Entrance fee includes fishing; however, if you want to harvest the trout, an additional fee of $5 is required. There are other regulations to be aware of... we includes a copy of the pamphlet that has more info in the video. 


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